Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Euro GMC 特価品コーナー☆ Colorado Canyon Style /archarchitect1343929.html,Tail,Euro,/,Chevy,Style,49円,Canyon,For,Colorado,04-12,GMC,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,dmvtreasures.com,Lights 49円 Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Euro Style Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Euro GMC 特価品コーナー☆ Colorado Canyon Style 49円 Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Euro Style Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories /archarchitect1343929.html,Tail,Euro,/,Chevy,Style,49円,Canyon,For,Colorado,04-12,GMC,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,dmvtreasures.com,Lights

Tail Lights For 2020モデル 04-12 Chevy Euro GMC 特価品コーナー☆ Colorado Canyon Style

Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Euro Style


Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Euro Style

Product description



04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon


Please verify fitment before purchasing this product, may not fit models or body styles not explicitly listed.

Installation instruction are not included, Highly recommend all light to be reseal with silicon to reasure any future leak.

Condensation/ Leak prevention: Leaks and condensation are not covered by our warranty and we strongly urge our buyers to use Silicone to protect their lights for years of safe use.

We recommend using Silicone for this process. Simply run the silicone over the existing seal on the headlight to fill any small holes or cracks that may form from shipping. This will ensure your lights look great as well as keep you safe. (Message us for instructions).

All lighting with DRL LED/ Halo rings (both LED/ CCFL) will require additional wiring. (Message us for instructions).

Shipping: All of our items are shipped using signature required to ensure that our items are safely delivered to our buyers. Please contact us prior to ordering with questions regarding your items shipment. We would be happy to find a method that best suits your schedule.

Return Policy: 30 Day return policy (Brand new condition) 15% restocking fee 20% restocking fee for used items (installed, cut wires).

Warranty: 90 day limited warranty (parts, bulbs, inverters, harness, ballasts).

Tail Lights For 04-12 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Euro Style

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